21:00 fckyeahprettyafricans:

From: South Sudan
Tumblr: www.visionarysht.tumblr.com
IG: @_minnesotanice
18:00 g0ggles:

I think this is the most concise summary of privilege I’ve seen yet
15:00 weandthecolor:

Photography by Ben Zank
Check out this selection of photographs by Ben Zank.
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12:01 asthetiques:

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." Maya Angelou
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Pattern Per Diem @hawnuhlee
An ongoing 365 project creating different patterns everyday. Over 310 to date!
06:00 sankayifan:

OK 3 of you guys’ Gods backstage at Gucci SS 2015
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Follow Your Bliss by Drew Melton
Twitter: @Trendgrafeed